Ffwrwm Art & Crafts Centre
FFWRWM, High street, Caerleon, Gwent. Tel. (01633) 430777

ffwrwm arts & crafts centre

Welcome to Ffwrwm.

The name 'Ffwrwm', derived from the Latin 'Forum', which is Welsh for 'a seat'.
The Centre is restful and relaxing, a place to sit and chat, possibly to have a coffee, and let the cares of the world whiz by in the street outside.

It is entered through an historic arch fronting Caerleon's main street, and consists of an art gallery, five craft workshops, and a restaurant, all set in the glories of an l8th century walled garden. Within the gallery is a Tourist Information point, where local events and places to visit are posted. All the shoplets in Ffwrwm are listed at below.

The restaurant is well known for its home cooking specializing in local and Welsh recipes. The art gallery has a mixed permanent display of fine art as well as holding regular shows of individual artists. It also has on show a collection of antique furniture and ceramics. Both the restaurant and art gallery are available for use by diverse organisations, either commercial or charitable .King Arthurs throne

The walled garden contains unusual shrubs and trees, including a very rare tulip tree, and some sculpture both modern and traditional. There are carved Arthurian thrones to the various knights of the round table, depicting tales from the Welsh Mabinogion.

tree of lifeThey are carved out of whole beech trunks by Ed Harrison, who also created the Tree of life sculpture out of a whole upturned Yew tree root. All over this sculpture can be found animals and spirit creatures. Ed also has various items for sale in the Gallery.



Arthur and mordred Also to be found, is a metal sculpture of the duelling knights Arthur and Mordred in their final battle.

Amongst the attractions is an extraordinary full sized ancient carved stone bull's head which has become popular to tourists and residents alike. It is reputed to confer remarkable powers of health, wealth, prosperity and potency.
Within the walls of Ffwrwm are the gates to the Roman Legionary fortress. The gates and wall has been partially reconstructed, and between the arches, two huge artist impressions of the city beyond have been exquisitely created, depicting life within the Roman city.

Ffwrwm is open all year long, and is an ideal place to come for all the family, to take in the magic of Arthur or relax and see the art and crafts on offer.

Come and visit us soon.

Shops in Ffwrwm
awen celtic spiritawen celtic spirit - shop front
Awen Celtic Spirit
We specialise in Celtic Arts & Crafts. We have a wide selection of Celtic stoneware for indoors & gardens, including wall plaques, statues and indoor fountains.
We have a fine selection of Bronze and Silver knotwork jewellery, Celtic Crosses, Crystal jewellery and pendants (including Amber and Fluorite).
We also stock many Celtic and Arthurian books these include classics such as the Mabinogion and many Arthurian source books, both Historical and Mythological. We also carry a number of Spiritual magazines.
Email: enquiries@awencelticspirit.co.uk

Open 10am-5pm (Mon-Sat), 12am-4.30pm (Sun).

Tel. (01633) 430713.

Rafi gold smith
Rafi ~ Gold Smith
With over fifteen years of experience, Rafi is pleased to create any design of jewellery
Every piece of jewellery is unique, handmade and can be individually crafted, encompassing the clients requirements. Rafi's workshop is contained on premises, so if your lucky you can see him at his craft.
Rafi has been at Ffwrwm for a over nine years. He has a reputation for making fine quality jewellery in gold, silver and platinum.

Open 9.30am- 5.00pm (Mon-Sat)
Tel. (01633) 430271

heaven sent

Heaven Sent

An Emporium of linens and fineries.
Delightful giftware far all occations.

Open 10-5pm

Tel. (01633) 430046.

oriel restaurant
Oriel ~ Restaurant
Good home cooking ~ Vegetarians catered for.
Come for Breakfast, Lunch or just a light snack.
Teas, coffees, cakes and other light refreshments served daily.
And an Ice Cream stall in the summer months!
Evening bookings welcome.
New 30/3/03: Newly Expanded, now includues exhibition space for artists.
Open 10am-4.30pm Daily.
Tel. (01633) 4302238 or 421449.
oriel gallery
Oriel ~ Gallery (New location: Upstairs above the Restaurant )
Art at it's finest from local artists. A wide selection of antiques, historic and unusual items ~ a real curiosity shop. The Gallery also hosts several major art exhibitions a year, an information point (listing local attractions), events and places to visit.

Open 10am-5pm Daily (except Sun)
Tel. (01633) 430777.
Sculpture garden
Sculpture Garden
See the beautiful, Tulip tree, or sit under the Willow, whilst feasting your eyes on the wonderful sculptures in this beautiful courtyard. See the Arthurian thrones carved out of whole tree trunks, and hear the Celtic tale that goes with them. There are currently thrones for Arthur, Guinevere, Bors, Gallahad, and Cai, with more planned.

Open 9.00am-5.30pm Daily.
Tel. (01633) 430777.

Units to Rent in Ffwrwm

Office/Craft Units

Call (01633) 430777 for details.

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