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Awen Celtic Spirit is a shop in the Romano Celtic town of CAERLEON
(GWENT, South Wales, U.K.).

We specialise in Celtic Arts & Crafts:

We have a wide selection of Celtic stone ware for indoors & gardens, including Celtic Knot-work wall plaques in stone and slate; Original Celtic carvings; Arthurian Bronze Statues; The Green Man; Dragons of all shapes & sizes; Celtic Chess sets; Indoor fountains; Various statues.

We have a fine selection of Bronze, Pewter and Silver knot-work jewellery as well as Celtic crosses, fine Crystal jewellery (including Amber, Fluorite, Quartz etc.), and various styles of pendants, brooches, and crystals.

Celtic garments are becoming more popular today, we have a number of Celtic throws from organically dyed cotton to brighten yourself or your home!
Or you could brighten your windows with some Celtic Knot-work window prints (Designs taken from the book of Kells).

We have a selection of cards and posters from original artists.
We sell essential oils, incense, oil burners, incense holders and candles.

We are interested in many cultures, and therefore our stock reflects this combination: Native American (Posters, dream catchers, jewellery, stone ware); Tibet (Buddhas, incense, prayer wheels, books); Egypt (Sculpture, wall plaques, stone ware, fine glass); Aboriginal (Didgeridus); Reproductions of Ancient Cave Paintings; Greek & Roman (Statues, stoneware, books)

We also stock many Celtic books that are hard to come by on the high street, these include classics such as the Mabinogion, the Tain, the Gododdin and many other Celtic source books, both Historical and Mythological

We also carry a number of Celtic and Spiritual magazines, including Kindred Spirit, NEXUS and Sacred Hoop.

If you find our shop interesting, please come and visit us soon!

If you live too far away please visit our Webshop from which you can obtain some of our more popular items.

Many people have described Awen Celtic Spirit as,"An Aladdin's Cave!"

To find out why, you'll just have to visit!

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